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It is the opportunity for all those who care about printed arts or are committed to Atelier Circulaire on a daily basis to help us forge ahead, before March 31, 2018.






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Thirty-five years after its foundation, in December 1982, Atelier Circulaire has become a leader on
the printed art scene in Quebec.

By fostering the transmission of practices, by instigating exchanges, by expanding on the international scene, the center seeks to preserve printed art techniques, encourage production and promote emerging artistic creation.

Today, Atelier Circulaire is working hard to renew its objectives, expand its activities and diversify its publics.


With : 

43 new members + 2 new residency grants (for emerging artists, and cultural diversity and first nations artists) + 25 % more visitors to our exhibitions + a 12 % increase in our own-source revenues + more than 25 different courses offered + an increase in our operating and project subsidies + 30 % more services  + a new subsidy for the purchase of equipment

2017, a very successful year

Yet ...


Unfortunately, since the building where the studio resides on De Gaspé Street has changed owner, Atelier Circulaire has had to contend with a skyrocketing hike in its rent-related costs, which has in fact doubled between 2014 and 2017. Moving is not an option as we have already invested substantially to refurbish our production studio.


Solutions aimed at reducing rent-related costs, such as property tax, are already negociated (in our case, this could amount to an annual reduction of $ 34 000) but will only take effect in one or two years. By then, Atelier Circulaire must raise $ 40 000 a year to cover fiscal years 2017-2018 et 2018-2019. There is an emergency. 


That is why we are launching the "SAVE ATELIER CIRCULAIRE" donation campaign, so that you may help Atelier Circulaire pursue its mission, before the end of the fiscal year, March 31, 2018. 

The fiscal sponsorship offered by the Conseil des arts de Montréal will allow you to be issued a tax receipt for any donation to Atelier Circulaire of $ 100 or more.



Atelier Circulaire is pleased to have the support of Marc Séguin and Pascale Bussières, its spokespersons in this adventure.


 Photo credit: Jérôme Guibord

Photo credit: Jérôme Guibord

“Atelier Circulaire is an essential in the Quebec visual arts landscape. Dedicated to printed art since 1982, rapidly becoming an institution, Atelier Circulaire needs help to keep going.

I was first attracted by its communal mode of operation; a place for work and exchanges on a human scale. A space where art is possible. Where the motion linking conception to deed may take place.

We owe it greatly. I owe it greatly. Since 1999 on De Castelnau. And every year since, I have kept on working there. An anchoring point for printed art, Circulaire is a beacon for artists.

Upheld and sustained by the continued faith of its denizens, we ask for your help to keep Atelier Circulaire up and running.”

— Marc Séguin
“This hidden treasure on De Gaspé Street, so alive with talent and expertise, makes you want to seek shelter there for days on end to uncover the mysteries of the multiples techniques available.


When I was made aware of the temporarily precarious situation Atelier Circulaire was in, due to major property tax hikes, and of the necessity for this extraordinary creative haven to become better known, I added my voice without hesitation to those of its artists, in order to quickly procure the needed funds.”
— Pascale Bussières
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By donating, you support directly our activities and our artists.

Thanks to a Fiscal Sponsorship with the Conseil des arts de Montréal, a tax receipt will be issued for any donation of $ 100 or more (made by check). Contributors must use the following form and make a cheque adressed to the Conseil des arts de Montréal.

Thank you for your support !


Atelier Circulaire thanks the Conseil des arts de Montréal for its Fiscal Sponsorship which allows us to carry out our artistic activities.