Emerging artists in printmaking 2018


The future of printmaking rests on the next generation and Atelier Circulaire (AC) encourages the sustainable inclusion of young Montreal artists in its studio by opening its doors wide open through its program entitled "Emerging Artists in Printmaking". 


This program offers a special and affordable membership fee, as well as a brand new residency exclusively for artists 40 and under.

For more details on our special membership fee, visit: http://www.ateliercirculaire.org/members-fees/


The grant offers a 12-month artistic residency (from March 2018 to March 2019) to a Montreal emerging artist to complete a project at AC. We want to encourage this artist to join the artist community at AC.

This residency will offer the selected artist access to a professional printmaking studio, to develop and create an artistic project with technical assistance.

* Note that the residency is not intended as a living allowance or personal expense support.


  • A consecutive 12-month studio work plan ($ 1182 value)
  • 25 hours of coaching/training/printing ( $ 1018 value )
  • A $300 credit at the AC Art Supply Store
  • Free technical support during the "Fridays at the Studio" activity
  • A presentation and exhibition of the work done at the Members’ Gallery (in the production studio)
  • Participation in the "2018 Members' Salon" exhibition at Atelier Circulaire’s Gallery
  • Promotion of the work by our communication team


Interested candidates must submit an application to candidature@ateliercirculaire.org, with the subject line 2018 Emerging Artist Residency, including:

  • Identity Card with photograph and date of birth (health insurance, driver's license or passport).
  • Proof of residence in Montreal (electricity, gas, telephony bills, etc.).
  • A descriptive list of images showing the title, year, medium and dimensions of work.
  • An artist's resume and a short biography.
  • A short text of general artistic approach of the artist.
  • A general and technical description of the project to be carried out.
  • 5 to 15 images of works (JPEG format, RGB, approximately 1024 x 768 pixels) (if necessary, video or audio documentation can be sent via Vimeo, Youtube or Soundcloud links). 

This Residency is made possible thanks to the support of philanthropists and friends of Atelier Circulaire who wish to offer this grant annually. Atelier Circulaire wishes Art Council for it's fiscal sponsorship that permit us to do our artistic activities.   

Deadline for submission: February 12, 2018 (11:59 pm)

Period of residence: from March 2018 to March 2019

If you do not receive a confirmation email after sending your application or if you encounter problems at one of the stages of transmission, do not hesitate to contact us at administration@ateliercirculaire.org.


Note: Only the masculine is used in this offer in order to lighten the text.


Posted on January 12, 2018 .